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 Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes are an Afro-roots Reggae band from Nigeria. The band was formed by            Rex Suru in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria. Blending the West African rhythmic Afro-beat with Jamaican                  Ska Reggae, Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes are the quintessential showcase of Afro-roots Reggae. The              music promotes spiritual, political, and social themes; at its core, it is pulsating and moving. All songs          are original compositions by Rex Suru. Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes embark on their 10-show Give A Little  Love Bay  Area Tour  this  summer. It all gets started with their first ever US performance at Slim's, San  Francisco, CA , Friday, July 28 @ 8pm.

 Band Members 

Rex Suru – Lead Vocals; Martha Vincent, Blessing Raphael, Grace - Backing  Vocals; Olu Emmanuel – Alto  Saxophone; Chijioke Enebechi – Tenor Saxophone; Dotun Phillip – Trumpet; Martino – Lead Guitar; Udem  Udoh – Bass Guitar; Daniel George – Keyboards; Chikezie Johnson – Drums; Alaba Babatunde – Talking  Drum

 Notable Shows

12/24/16 – Rita Lori Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria with Folusho Clarke -

12/20/16 – Taste of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria -

11/26/16 – Africa Meets Reggae, Lagos, Nigeria -

 “For those who think reggae is losing its steam, there is a genuine article in town known as Rex Suru,     Afro-roots Reggae creator, who just released two hot singles to remind us that reggae is nowhere near     being dead… “African Woman” and “You Are Special” (were released) simultaneously on Notjutok and Tooexclusive music download sites. Unlike most contemporary songs of today devoid of message, Rex’s lyrics are laden with soul-stirring messages, be it a message of love, Africa unity, and what have you.  …..With his band, the Cherubim Vibes, he has become the quintessential voice for Afro-roots Reggae.” –      Ayo Onikoyi, Vanguard, 12/30/16

“By listening to him, you get a feel of reggae, then highlife with a breezy Afrobeat temperament but Rex is much more than that. He would tell you he does Afro-roots Reggae but when you listen to him confusion sets him because of the spectrum of the beat and sound. He started his music career in the United States but now back home in Nigeria to reinvent himself.” – Juliet Ebirim and Ayo Onikiyi, Vanguard, 2/6/15



Differences between Fela and Bob Marley – Rex Suru

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